When the Tank Cracks Before Coffee

Unfortunately, I woke up to a cracked tank this morning. However, I knew this day would inevitably come - especially since the silicone protecting my floors was well over ten years old. In fact, it might have even lasted longer, I'm really not sure. I'm just thankful that I now live in a house that has tile floors, not carpet. I don't think I could have handled that without my morning coffee. Scratch that. I don't think I could have even handled that after several cups of coffee.

As it was, all we ended up having to do was transfer fish to the other established tank in the living room and vacuum up forty or so gallons of water up from the floor. I'm still not sure if there's water trapped under the stand of the other functional tank - and I'm definitely not going to drain and move it just so I can check. Maybe after coffee tomorrow. I'm glad it was only one of my 50's that took the hit this morning, and not one of my large fish tanks.

However, as frustrating as it was to wake up to the start of a lake in my living room this morning - especially when I definitely had better plans that didn't involve soaking up pools of water - it did serve as a good reminder not to keep anything valuable underneath a fish tank in the stand. Definitely no books, papers, or collectibles. But then again, that's not what a fish tank stands is for anyway. Thinking back, I always did joke about starting up a tank so that I could fish from the comfort of my own living room, wearing my GIR slippers - I guess an indoor lake works!

I'm sure that I'll see many more spills and cracks in the future. I'm just thankful that very little was ruined, the fish were compatible with the ones in the other tank, and I still got to have my morning cup of coffee - not to mention I'm pretty proud that I'm in a surprisingly light mood after watching one of my tanks empty its bowels all over my floor!

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